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Quality Care

PediatriczNow is the provider-of-choice for reliable preventative healthcare and maintenance of childhood illnesses. With board-certified pediatricians and experienced nursing and support staff, PediatriczNow cares for the whole child. We are available where and when you need us, including after-hours and online.

Services Available

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PediatriczNow offers healthcare services that support the whole child, including:

Lab Services Icon

Lab services

We have an in-office lab that can perform same-day tests for many conditions.

Well Exam and Immunizations Icon

well exam and immunizations

We offer the recommended childhood vaccinations. It is important that children who can get vaccinated are fully immunized.

Sports Physicals Icon

Sports Physicals

Whether it is their first team or the Varsity squad, we can make sure your child is prepared for the upcoming season.

Mental Health Icon

Mental Health

Mental health conditions can prevent children from reaching their full potential. We provide mental health care and support for many conditions including ADHD and anxiety.

ADHD and Autism Icon

ADHD and Autism

Our healthcare providers are trained in the proper screening and surveillance techniques necessary to identify developmental disorders. We work with families to get the right treatment options for their child, including therapeutic and medication services.

Acne Skin Disorder Icon

Acne Skin Disorder

While over-the-counter medications can be helpful to treat mild acne, sometimes prescription medication is needed to heal the affected area. We can help diagnose and care for acne and other skin disorders.

Nutrition and Weight Management Icon

Nutrition and Weight Management

Some children struggle with gaining weight or with too much weight. Our staff provides nutrition education and weight management care to ensure your child thrives.

Same Day Sick Visits Icon

Same Day Sick Visits

When your child is ill, you want to get them feeling better fast. We offer same day sick appointments to help you do just that!

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